Fantasy Wrap: Round 1

Fantasy Wrap: Round 1

With several early games providing loophole options those coaches that selected Dustin Martin would be well pleased with his output in Round 1 (AF: 110, SC: 139), Kade Simpson found himself in a familiar position even without running mate Sam Docherty & delivered an outstanding start (AF: 129, SC: 150).

The reality of injuries in fantasy hit home early in the season with Zach Merrett (AF: 23, SC: 17) concussed late in Q1 & taking no further part in the game, the anger was real for many coaches that selected him. Rory Laird opened the season with his own footy  in Round 1 setting up a huge return (AF: 124, SC: 137), his role again looks very juicy for fantasy coaches in 2018.

Brisbane were unable to lock down on Jack Steven allowing him to roam free in the opening game at Etihad Stadium (AF: 133, SC: 135), surely he won’t find this type of space again this season but if he does look out! Jarrod Berry (AF: 106, SC: 103) was a nice surprise for the Lions, his role in the middle of the ground attributed to his good numbers. Dayne Zorko (AF: 57, SC: 32), tagged!!

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The arrival of Jack Watts at Port Adelaide has freed up Justin Westhoff (AF: 132, SC: 140), he was continually used as an outlet from kick-ins which enhanced his game in Round 1. Nat Fyfe (AF: 67, SC: 75) struggled against a Brad Ebert tag, he did spend some time in the forward line which hampered his result.

Jarrod Witts (AF: 140, SC: 131) & Todd Goldstein (AF: 91, SC: 105) thrived in wet conditions in Cairns & so did Aaron Young (AF: 112, SC: 112), Jarryd Lyons (AF: 84, SC: 66) was tagged by Ben Jacobs (AF: 37, SC: 29).

We all love Tom Mitchell (AF: 156, SC: 167) and he didn’t disappoint in Round 1 finishing with an AFL record 54 Disposals, we have to show some love for Nathan Buckley as well for allowing most of us to rejoice. Mitchell has averaged 46.3 Disposals in his 3 games at Hawthorn against Collingwood, wow!

The solid pre-season for Stephen Coniglio (AF: 146, SC: 129) continued in to Round 1, admittedly the Giants were not challenged by the Bulldogs but all signs are pointing toward a solid season. The fears for a low scoring Aaron Naughton (AF: 41, SC: 25) were proved to be correct, however he should have decent job security and is likely a hold right now considering the 13 Etihad Stadium games including the next 3.

Despite missing the winning Goal just before the final siren Max Gawn (AF: 138, SC: 139) didn’t let his fantasy coaches down, barring any injury it should be a bumper year for Max. Joel Selwood (AF: 122, SC: 125) looked to have injured his leg/hip late in the 3rd qtr, remarkably once again his durability got him through the game.

Lance Franklin (AF: 151, SC: 175) was on fire at the new Optus Stadium in Perth kicking 8 Goals, Luke Parker (AF: 127, SC: 149) continued on from his good pre-season form. Nic Naitanui (AF: 93, SC: 113) was outrageous with only 54% TOG, his ownership levels would have been vastly different if we had seen that in at least 1 pre-season game.

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Thoughts on Fyfe, has a trend of mediocre scores, will it change ?? @Lewie14

Fyfe was tagged by Ebert & did spend some time forward, his scoring is likely to be volatile based on opposition & yes Ross Lyon

Thoughts on Acres? Could be top 6 forward. Worth jumping on this week before he goes up too much in value? @DanKay101

St Kilda recorded 422 Disposals against Brisbane, that won’t happen each week.

Acres has recorded 30 Disposals in each of his last 3 winning games (All equal career highs), he has averaged 19.0 Disposals from his last 4 losing games.

Beyond this week against Nth Melbourne, it could be a tough road ahead.

I didn’t get to watch the game, but what happened to Hibberd against Geelong? Appears to have gone missing for two quarters.. @Anthony_Rout

Quite simply Melbourne couldn’t defend in the 1st half against Geelong allowing 20 scoring shots from 24 Inside 50’s, Hibberd suffered as a result.

Additionally the dynamic of the Melbourne defence has changed with the addition of Lever, it’s a poor start from Hibberd. A slight concern only at this stage.

Do you fix rookies first (Fox to Barry and Naughton to Guthrie), or look at trading underperforming premiums (Fyfe, Hibberd, McDonald)? @Jake_Pizzuto

With Hannebery just around the corner owning Fox could be trouble, time to take the BE on Barry. Naughton a hold for now (see above).

Too early to dumb LDU? @Kosta_V01

His pre-season numbers were poor and so was Round 1 albeit in terrible conditions, time to jump ship.

 I have Holman and Barry on the bench. Is it worth putting them on the field in place of Brayshaw and Banfield? @alexmurry1988

Starting Brayshaw & Holman in Round 2 is likely the right call

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