DFS Strat: Round 5 Swans v Crows

❓ Paul Seedsman (MB $7,600, DS $14,000)

Seedsman has started the 2018 H&A season averaging 101.0pts from his first 4 games, in the last 2 weeks he has averaged 113.0pts. The injuries at Adelaide in the previous few weeks have provided an opportunity for Seedsman to increase his numbers, it is worth considering that he has never averaged more than 80.0pts in a season over his career.

Based on his start to the season Seedsman will likely be a popular target for many DFS players on Friday night, Sydney have conceded an average of 363.5 Disposals from 2 games at the SCG this season so there might be a slight decline in output across the board for Adelaide given the amount of talent they have missing. Adelaide have averaged 401.3 Disposals through 4 games (Rank 2).

Exceeding value on Friday night may be difficult for Seedsman, he is not a total fade but this is a genuine let down spot from what could be a moderate to high owned player.


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↗ Luke Parker (MB $9,200, DS $14,950)

In 2017 Parker had a +18.0 Differential from winning games compared to losing games, in 2018 he has averaged 104.0pts from 3 winning games and 97pts from just the 1 loss against Port Adelaide in Round 2. Parker has averaged 84.0pts at the SCG this year from 2 games & 120.5pts in 2 travel games, in 2017 he averaged 96.0pts in all non-travel games.

Parker is one of the more expensive players available on Friday night, premium Sydney Mids will likely be on the higher end of ownership considering the -26.5 betting line favouring the Swans.

Making Parker part of your core group on Friday night is fraught with Danger considering he has scored 100pts or more in only 37.5% of his last 8 games, but certainly he is worth a good level of ownership around the 30-40% range.


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