GWS Giants Update: Stephen Coniglio

Stephen Coniglio continues to progress well through pre-season. 

Giants senior coach Leon Cameron provided considerable insight on RSN this week into the pre-season of of the 28 year old and his expected role early in the 2022 AFL H&A season. 

“His pre-season has been really strong,”

“What I’ve sort of looked at, it’s easy for me to say strong and what does that mean?”

“I think it’s just that basic fundamental of Monday, Wednesday, Friday,  ground ball, low to the ground, getting his flexibility back, getting his strength back in his legs, in the gym regularly, doing all those little things that add up to the player that you want to be.”

“And so he’s had sort of no interruptions with that through those months of November, December and January,”

“And now you can see it show when we’re in match-play, he’s driving his legs, he’s covering the ground more.”

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“So he’s building and building and building, and that gives us really good excitement.”

“One because he’s had a retched two years and he knows that his form has been down, he knows that his body hasn’t helped him out.”

“So that combination has left him probably down of confidence a bit as well,”

“It’s just really good to rock up every day at training now and watch him in full flight.”

“So those sort of players that we probably tend to forget a little bit because we always talk about the youth of last year.”

GAME DAY LIVE on Twitter @aflratings_Live “He’s hungry, he wants to play really
good footy, he’ll play in the midfield and no doubt he’ll play forward as well.”

“So he’s got that capability to do both, because we need to find a goal or two especially in the early part of year because of Toby (Greene) and Brent (Daniels) being out.”

“I think he’s had a really good 3 months of training and I just look forward to see him having a little bit of luck playing these early games and getting that run and getting that burst away with his power again is definitely what we’re seeing at pre-season.” Cameron said.

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Fantasy Impact: Stephen Coniglio averaged 60.7pts from 7 games in 2021, he recorded a season high 92pts in Round 2 against Fremantle. 

The pre-season continues to be positive for Coniglio after an injury impacted last couple of years, keep in mind the suspension of Toby Greene and injury to Brent Daniels in the early part of the season and the need for mids to potentially spend time forward.

Tim Taranto has been identified as spending more time forward by Cameron

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Coniglio remains a consideration to start with in season long fantasy at Round 1, there is upside scoring potential based on his starting salary even with likely forward usage early in the year. 

It’s worth being well ahead of expected ADP in single season draft leagues. 

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