West Coast Update: Youth Policy

AFL News: West Coast could prioritise youth over experience to finish the 2022 AFL season. 

Senior coach Adam Simpson has flagged the youth direction over the last few weeks.

He stated as his weekly press conference on Tuesday the club at times will need to make a call on age demographic at team selection for the future benefit of the club.

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“There’s some kids playing at the WAFL, they’re probably a week or two away.”

“And then as soon as we get them to the point where they can get in and start playing, we’ll work on getting those kids in as well (to the AFL team).”

 “There’ll be a point where we’ll have to make calls between a more established player and a younger player.”

“That’s the direction we need to take.” Simpson said. 

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One player in particular that could see significant games at AFL level at the back end of the year is Brady Hough, Simpson provided an update on his outlook to finish the 2022 AFL season. 

“He went back to WAFL for a few weeks there, he’s part of our future.”

“We’d love to keep him in the side for most of the year.” he added. 

Source: West Coast
Image: West Coast