AFL Stats: Disposals Per Inside 50 Marsh Community Series

Pre-season games can be an indicator for the way teams want to transition the ball inside 50, while all teams aren’t at full capability or have full intent in the Marsh Community Series viewing Disposals per Inside 50 may indicate a change from the previous year. WEEK 1 Gold Coast

AFL Stats: Inside 50 Differentials 2017-19

Richmond were the No.1 ranked team averaging a +7.1 Inside 50 Differential between 2017-19 (H&A season only), Gold Coast were ranked a league worst over the same period averaging -10.8. Port Adelaide were ranked No.1 in 2019 finishing with an average of +9.5 Inside 50 Differential, Gold Coast were ranked

AFL Stats: Team Disposals 2017-19

Collingwood was the No.1 ranked team averaging 403.6 Disposals between 2017-19 (H&A season only), ranking last over the same period was Carlton averaging 354.5 Disposals. Collingwood averaged 405.2 Disposals in the 2019 H&A season (Rank 1), Gold Coast averaged a league worst 343.5 Disposals. Brisbane & West Coast both finished