AFL Fantasy Analysis: Patrick Dangerfield


A late pre-season hamstring injury severely interrupted the fantasy game for Patrick Dangerfield in 2018, although he just missed Round 1 of the H&A season he averaged 98.8pts from his opening 14 games.

Dangerfield closed out the 2018 H&A season by averaging 121.6pts from his remaining 7 games before closing out his season scoring 85pts in an Elimination Final against Melbourne.

Dangerfield scored 100pts or more in 68.2% of games & 120pts or more in 18.2% of games in 2018, he dropped off significantly in ceiling games last season.

Fantasy Impact: 2019 Rule Changes

Patrick Dangerfield Splits

The log jam for midfield minutes at the Cats also hurt Dangerfield in 2018, he spent enough time forward in order to receive DPP FWD status .

Dangerfield is under priced compared to his recent fantasy history, more information is required on his 2019 role prior to investing a large proportion of your salary looking for a bounce back season.

Geelong were ranked 6th averaging 382.7 Disposals in the 2018 H&A season (-1.7 Disposals compared to 2017), the Cats were also ranked 6th scoring 1598.0pts in the 2018 H&A season (-18.6 Team Points compared to 2017).

2019 AFL Fantasy: Fixture Analysis

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