Fantasy News Today: 18 December, 2018


There were a few additional pieces of information today for fantasy coaches, the names will be a little bit familiar and the updates could form early opinions.

A more definitive comment on the role for Ryan Burton in 2019 at Port Adelaide, he spent the majority of his time across half-back for the Hawks averaging 16.9 Disposals last season.

“Kenny (Hinkley) says he’ll definitely start across half-back” Reece Homfray on Ryan Burton via @1629senSA

Burton averaged 61.9pts in AFL Fantasy & 65.7pts in SuperCoach in 2018.

Tom Liberatore is expected to ready for the start of the 2019 season, the Bulldogs midfielder suffered a season ending ACL injury in Round 1 in 2018.

“I did the first bit of match simulation last Thursday.. I am still a bit slow & getting used to the pace but fitness-wise it was alright.” Tom Liberatore

Liberatore averaged 72.1pts in AFL Fantasy & 79.1pts in SuperCoach in 2017.

The positive messaging coming out of Adelaide this pre-season continued today, Paul Seedsman appears to be focused for the upcoming season.

“I want to continue to play consistent football.. I just want to perform for the team every week” Paul Seedsman

Seedsman averaged 75.6pts in AFL Fantasy & 81.1pts in SuperCoach in 2018.

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The Traders are on tour in early March, Warnie, Roy & Calvin will be visiting Perth, Adelaide & Melbourne. Click through the link below for tickets & more details.


Sam Menegola has been on a restricted training program leading up to the Christmas break, he underwent post-season minor knee surgery.

Menegola is expected to return to full training in January.

“There were a couple of little niggles at the end of last year that we are just letting settle down, so post-Christmas I should be right back into it which will be good.”

“Our focus has really been how it looks leading up to and during the Christmas period, but I would have thought I would be back in full training early enough for those (JLT) matches” Sam Menegola.

Menegola averaged 97.5pts in AFL Fantasy & 100.0pts in SuperCoach in 2018.

Injury Update: Daniel Talia


Rory Laird was extremely reliable last season for fantasy coaches in a position which was quite volatile finding the optimal mix, he averaged a career season high 107.8pts which included finishing the 2018 season with back to back 138pt games.

Laird scored 100pts or more in 70.0% of games & 120pts or more from 35.0% of games in 2018, this was a significant improvement compared to 2017.

Laird should be able to provide stability at his position for fantasy coaches next season, the ACL injury to Docherty will likely increase the ownership levels for Laird in 2019.

Adelaide averaged 383.0 Disposals in the 2018 H&A season (Rank 5), the Crows averaged 397.3 Disposals in the 2017 H&A season (Rank 5).

The new kick-in rules may also advantage Laird next season at times, Luke Brown recorded the most kick-ins last year at Adelaide.

Laird averaged 110.2pts from winning games last season & 104.1pts from losing games, he averaged 111.8pts in all travel games & 105.1pts at the Adelaide Oval.

The excellent points floor should provide fantasy coaches with a level of comfort next season, if he can put up similar numbers again in 2019 then his high price tag should be money well spent.

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