2022 Fantasy: 2021 AFL Draft Analysis

The 2022 AFL pre-season is well underway, preparing your fantasy squad over summer can be time consuming with endless hours of research.

@aflratingsPete provides the background work on all 65 players selected in the 2021 AFL Draft for you in the lead up to the 2022 H&A season, research includes relevant player data along with short/long term fantasy prospects.:

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2022 Fantasy: 2021 AFL Draft Rankings

2021 AFL Draft

1. Jason Horne-Francis (Nth Melbourne) Fantasy
2. Sam Darcy (Western Bulldogs) Fantasy
3. Finn Callaghan (GWS Giants) Fantasy
4. Nick Daicos (Collingwood) Fantasy
5. Mac Andrew (Gold Coast) Fantasy
6. Josh Rachele (Adelaide) Fantasy
7. Josh Ward (Hawthorn) Fantasy
8. Jye Amiss (Fremantle) Fantasy
9. Josh Gibcus (Richmond) Fantasy
10. Neil Erasmus (Fremantle) Fantasy
11. Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (St Kilda) Fantasy
12. Josh Sinn (Port Adelaide) Fantasy
13. Ben Hobbs (Essendon) Fantasy
14. Campbell Chesser (West Coast) Fantasy
15. Leek Aleer (GWS Giants) Fantasy
16. Darcy Wilmot (Brisbane) Fantasy
17. Tom Brown (Richmond) Fantasy
18. Angus Sheldrick (Sydney) Fantasy
19. Jacob van Rooyen (Melbourne) Fantasy
20. Kai Lohmann (Brisbane) Fantasy

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21. Matthew Johnson (Fremantle) Fantasy
22. Josh Goater (Nth Melbourne) Fantasy
23. Sam Butler (Hawthorn) Fantasy
24. Toby Conway (Geelong) Fantasy
25. Mitchell Knevitt (Geelong) Fantasy
26. Connor MacDonald (Hawthorn) Fantasy
27. Jesse Motlop (Carlton) Fantasy
28. Tyler Sonsie (Richmond) Fantasy
29. Samuel Banks (Richmond) Fantasy
30. Judson Clarke (Richmond) Fantasy
31. Brady Hough (West Coast) Fantasy
32. James Willis (Geelong) Fantasy
33. Mitchito Owens (St Kilda) Fantasy
34. Matthew Roberts (Sydney) Fantasy
35. Paul Curtis (Nth Melbourne) Fantasy
36. Jake Soligo (Adelaide) Fantasy
37. Rhett Bazzo (West Coast) Fantasy
38. Miller Bergman (Nth Melbourne) Fantasy
39. Blake Howes (Melbourne) Fantasy
40. Corey Warner (Sydney) Fantasy
41. James Tunstill (Brisbane) Fantasy
42. Josh Fahey (GWS Giants) Fantasy
43. Arthur Jones (Western Bulldogs) Fantasy
44. Zac Taylor (Adelaide) Fantasy
45. Arlo Draper (Collingwood) Fantasy
46. Alastair Lord (Essendon) Fantasy
47. Marcus Windhager (St Kilda) Fantasy
48. Flynn Kroeger (Geelong) Fantasy
49. Cooper Murley (Collingwood) Fantasy
50. Garrett McDonagh (Essendon) Fantasy
51. Oscar Adams (St Kilda) Fantasy
52. Harvey Harrison (Collingwood) Fantasy
53. Jai Serong (Hawthorn) Fantasy
54. Eric Benning (Fremantle) Fantasy
55. Hugh Jackson (Port Adelaide) Fantasy
56. Dante Visentini (Port Adelaide) Fantasy
57. Jack Williams (West Coast) Fantasy
58. Lachlan Rankin (Sydney) Fantasy
59. Jackson Archer (Nth Melbourne) Fantasy
60. Jase Burgoyne (Port Adelaide) Fantasy
61. Luke Cleary (Western Bulldogs) Fantasy
62. Greg Clark (West Coast) Fantasy
63. Charlie Constable (Gold Coast) Fantasy
64. Cooper Whyte (Geelong) Fantasy
65. Taj Woewodin (Melbourne) Fantasy

2022 Fantasy: 2021 AFL Draft Rankings

Article by: @aflratingsPete
Image credit: Nth Melbourne

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